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Tires (DDLG MC) by Molly Little – Free eBooks Download


What kind of tool does an MC mechanic need to fix a broken Little?

He’s all about fixing motorcycles, not broken Littles like me.
Tires is a burning hot bad boy with an attitude as hard as his muscles.
Only interested in his club and his MC brothers.
And somehow I’m supposed to get the inked man of stone to show his tender side?
Trust me, it doesn’t exist.
At least, that’s what I thought until he agrees to an interview.
Somehow my simple questions end with me on all fours in his workshop, my cute new skirt nowhere to be seen.
But who’s this guy touching me like he really cares about me?
Where’s the ice cold MC mechanic gone?
Could it be there’s more to him than I realized?
Or has he decided he can fix me like I’m a busted machine that needs tuning up?

I’m good with my hands, what can I say?
If something’s damaged, the club brings it to me and I always get it running again.
So when Katie appears in my workshop, I know exactly what needs doing to get her right.
Only the closer I look, the more I see she’s not as broken as she seems.
She sure knows how to drive me mad with that wicked sharp tongue of hers.
And she’s got some real hidden depths behind those innocent eyes.
So now I’m starting to wonder if this is me fixing her or if she’s the first person I ever met with a shot at fixing me.

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