‘Till Hate Do Us Part by Hazel Grace (ePUB)

till hate do us, hazel grace

‘Till Hate Do Us Part by Hazel Grace – Free eBooks Download


Hendrix Ford is a prick, a playboy and we despise each other.
Need I say more?
This hostile feeling is more like second nature at this point. Something embedded deep in our DNA since childhood to where our lines of petty tend to show quite often under the curious eyes of high society.
Yet, lucky us, our mothers are best friends which means we’re thrown into each other’s path more often than we’d like.
And, the not so funny thing is, that we’re about to be more than ever before with one nauseating word—marriage.
That’s a colossal problem.
Not only because I can’t stand to breathe the same air as him but because I have a secret I’ve been holding from New York’s upper class for years.
And Hendrix…he’ll use that against me to rip away everything I hold near and dear to my heart.
I might despise him.
But my spiteful enemy has a hard-on for making me suffer.

I’d rather eye-fuck her than marry her.
Aspyn Miller is the ultimate bane of my sanity—playing off some Gossip Girl bullshit—and I’d rather keep her that way than deal with five years of her being my wife.
Thanks to our parents and their top-notch decision-making, I’m stuck with the woman who’ll go purposely out of her way to throw me under any headline, with any lie she’s conjured up in that creative head of hers.
Unfortunately, her thick thighs don’t compensate for her big mouth.
And that’s, again, a drawback for me.
I’m trying to build a business and my investors believe I’m some entitled, rich boy with pussy always on the brain with the business sense of a fucking teenage boy.
She doesn’t want to marry me. I don’t want to marry her.
And I’m sure as hell not waving my white flag for a truce.
However, I have a nuclear bomb when I find out her haunted little secret that, in turn, only makes me hate her more.

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