Till Death Do Us Part by Aurora Hope (ePUB)

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Till Death Do Us Part (Vows Duet #1) by Aurora Hope – Free eBooks Download


This time destiny is dead.

You know what sucks worse than being murdered?
Being murdered by the first girl you’ve ever fallen for and then getting stuck in the place you died for the foreseeable future.

Trapped in her house, where I was bludgeoned with a hammer, it’s starting to get a bit crowded from the spirits of her victims who angrily refuse to move on. But our attempts at ghostly vengeance are pointless. It’s like the woman who seduced us into her bed, so she could kill us, can’t sense us at all.
When her sister moves in to attend the nearby university, us ghosts find an easy target to haunt. Scaring little Nova fills the time, but things really get interesting when we realize that she isn’t just susceptible to our games–she can see us too. And, as we accidentally discover, she can help us move on as well.
I should be thrilled, along with three of the other ghosts, that Nova can release us from our hell. So why are we delaying our turns again and again, just so we can spend more time with her? Why can’t I seem to stop trying to find a way to reach out and touch this bright ray of light illuminating our dark world?
But, most importantly, how are we going to protect Nova when our murderess discovers baby sis knows too much? Or will we even want to if it means that we could have eternity with her instead?

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