Till Death Do Us Part by Aleatha Romig (ePUB)

till death do us, aleatha romig

Till Death Do Us Part (Brutal Vows #2) by Aleatha Romig – Free eBooks Download


Arranged marriage, enemies to lovers, Mafia/cartel romance

As the only daughter of the Kansas City capo, at eighteen years of age, I was given to the son of my father’s consigliere, a man who was expected to accomplish great things for the famiglia. Things didn’t go the way we planned.
There wasn’t love.
My husband was a traitor, a part of a coup against the famiglia.
My husband is dead.
I’m free.
Until the fateful night my brother, our new capo, informs me that I’ve once again been promised in marriage. He explains that as a childless widow and the daughter of the late capo dei capi, I am desired—requested.
Aléjandro Roríguez is the son of the leader of the Roríguez cartel. My brother married a woman from the cartel, securing the Mafia/cartel alliance. He says that it’s now my turn.
I’ve only met my future husband a few times, but I know without a doubt that I don’t like him. Loving him is impossible. I’ve lived a marriage without love. I won’t do it again.
Aléjandro lives a dangerous existence.
Death saved me once before.
Maybe it will again.

Have you been Aleatha’d?

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