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Tiers of Joy by L.G. Campbell – Free eBooks Download


They say that life can throw you a curve ball, but my life decided to go bigger. Life threw me a damn wrecking ball.
Everything was going to plan; life was good, better than good. Until life decided to take my happiness, my dreams, my love, and destroy them.
Life can be a real b*tch, and that’s putting it lightly.
My whole world was turned completely upside down in just a few minutes; a few words changed it all.
It forced me to change our dreams, forced me to do it alone.
A new life, a new town, a whole new country.
Is the quiet town of Baddeck Nova Scotia really ready for Esme Tucker?
Suddenly a clumsy, foul mouthed Brit crashes into their town.
A delicate English rose she is not. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, even when it comes to a 6ft 4 brooding lumberjack.
Not at all phased by his good looks, his deep chocolate eyes, or that delectable dusting of stubble along his jaw, Esme Tucker isn’t interested.
All she sees is a rude and grumpy guy who annoys her far too much.
A new home, job, life, and then a new love.

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