Tide of Darkness by Amarah Calderini (ePUB)

tide darkness, amarah calderini

Tide of Darkness (Dark World Trilogy #1) by Amarah Calderini – Free eBooks Download


They say the land flourished once, ripe with wealth and blessed by nature, but those are only stories. There is no light now—there is only the Darkness.

Mirren has grown up hearing tales of the Dark World from the safety of Similis, a utopian society with no poverty, no violence and no choices. Rumors of the horrors that writhe in the darkness keep anyone from venturing further than the Boundary, but when a mysterious illness befalls her brother, Mirren is desperate to save him—desperate enough to cross into the wild land to find the cure he needs to survive.
Raised beyond the Boundary, Shaw has only ever known violence. With no laws to inhibit the cruel reign of warlords and a curse that keeps the land on the edge of starvation, he understands the only way to survive is by being more ruthless than everyone else. When he finds a panicked woman escaping Similis, he realizes he’s been granted a rare gift of fate: a way to get back what was stolen from him.
Infuriatingly enchanting and not at all what he expected, Mirren challenges Shaw at every turn. But the pair soon discover their greatest fight may not lie with each other. A prophecy has been unearthed, and if it speaks the truth, one of them may be the key to breaking the curse.
But light is a dangerous thing to wield in a land ruled by the dark. Together, they must decide if love and freedom are worth the cost.

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