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thrive, em raegan

Thrive (Defy the Ravaged #2) by E.M. Raegan – Free eBooks Download


The days are blurring together. I can’t seem to keep my eyes open at night. Terror follows us everywhere we go. Nowhere is safe. It’s spreading. Thriving. We can’t outrun it. All we can do is bunker down and pray it passes us by. But that’s wishful thinking. The ravaged will find us and there’s not a thing we can do to stop them. They are everywhere.

I haven’t seen him. I haven’t spoken to him. But I know he’s there. I know he’ll be there if I need him.
It’s not long before I do.

My name is Willow.
His name is Jason.
I hate him—or I used to. Now I just need him. Want him. Miss him.

The ravaged are coming. They always are, and he’s always there to stand between them and me.
But the Ravaged aren’t the only dangers lurking behind every corner. There’s something more sinister stalking me. And when it finds me, I’m on my own.

*This story ends in a cliffhanger*

***Warning. For readers 18 years and older. Contains explicit sexual situations, possible triggers, dark themes, language, and violence.*** (less)

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