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Thrill Me (Teased and Broken #2) by Ashley Black – Free eBooks Download


“You TEASED me Elena, let me THRILL you,” Thorn invited my ass. “My own personal project, from which you will benefit, far beyond your wildest, darkest, kinkiest dreams.”

Thorn bowed, lowering his masked head, and pressed it to my chest. The sudden coldness of it between my breasts was shocking. I bet he could FEEL my heart trying to punch him through that mask of his as it went verily berserk. This man broke my sanity. I had nothing left. I wanted to understand. All he gifted was mayhem. 
“I must lick your heart,” he said eventually. Because THAT made sense. I heard the playfulness in his tone, and in place of the cold unyielding rubber of the mask, his lips. He had rolled up the lower part of the mask to reveal that deadly and delicious mouth of his. “You really are a broken toy,” I sighed. “Yes,” he agreed. “Don’t ever forget it.”

Elena teased bad ass death metal rocker Thornton Darko (also powerful warlock), and broke him. He has fallen in love with her, and she, at least, she thinks, with him. Everything inside of her is telling her he is a dangerous and rather insane, mistake.

Things turn ugly for Elena, and Thorn. Some of his loyal army of fans, turning against her and their so-called messiah. Thorn takes her away to Mexico, and they embark upon a blistering, hot, disturbing, and dark romance together. He affectionately calls it ‘project THRILL’, and Elena could not be more thrilled, and terrified. An intoxicating and killer combination.

When Elena’s gorgeous artist (and former special operations solider in Afghanistan) fiancé Brett thought dead, and is instead confirmed ‘missing’, the status gives Elena hope.

But there is not much hope that he will ever be found, much like Thornton’s mysterious missing wife. A former witch, who the man himself jokes, attempted to ‘vanquish him’.

Then Brett shows up. Nothing will ever be the same again. Because Thornton will not let Elena go. Anyone who gets in the way of his possession of her tends to get fucked up.

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