Three Kisses Till Christmas by Charlie Lane (ePUB)

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Three Kisses Till Christmas by Charlie Lane – Free eBooks Download


The widow’s done with loneliness. The marquess is done with waiting. Can three kisses under the mistletoe lead to love before Christmas morning?
Mrs. Evelina Denby is ready to move on. Widowed for three years, she doesn’t expect to find love again. A man to keep her company—yes. Someone to offer good conversation—hopefully. A kiss that awakens her passions? A girl can dream. A sprig of mistletoe is all she needs to find out which of her three suitors’ kisses warm her very toes. And which man should be her next husband.

The Marquess of Prescott is not one of her suitors. Though his hot looks and possessive words tell one story—he wants her. She’d be tempted … if he hadn’t courted then abandoned her without a word a year ago.

John knew he’d have responsibilities as a marquess, but he never thought they’d include adopting and caring for his profligate brother’s three abandoned children. Surprise, that, but one that stole his heart. At least the parts of it that didn’t yet belong to Evelina.

He’s waited a year to tell her how he feels, and he’s not waiting any longer. She’ll be his by Christmas. If he can scare away her other suitors.

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