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three, jenna thalia

Three (Loving In Numbers) by Jenna Thalia – Free eBooks Download


Three men and one night to act out all of their secret fantasies.

I’m nothing like my mom. Where she turned to men to keep her in the lifestyle she preferred, I forged my own path and wrote my own story. I would never use men as my personal bank account as she did.
My friend Margaux convinced me to try out her club. I’d been so wrapped up in becoming a success, I’d neglected my most basic needs, according to her. The man who stepped up, volunteering to warm my bottom with a paddle? The son of one of my mother’s many victims. Only he wasn’t fifteen anymore and the things he wanted to do to me were well past the imaginings of a horny teenager.
Two hours later, I found out about his club. A group of broken-hearted kids who grew up the collateral damage of a woman who took everything from their dads, including their hearts. That woman? My mother.
Three stepbrothers. Each knows a different version of me and wants to exact revenge for the sins of my mother all over my body. To use me like she’d used their dads. Little do they know, thanks to her, I’m the queen of no strings.
I’d planned for a fling beyond my wildest expectations. Falling for three men wasn’t just unexpected, it was absolutely out of the question.

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