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thorulf, sky purington

Thorulf (Viking Ancestors: Forged in Fire #3) by Sky Purington – Free eBooks Download


A steamy, action-packed dragon shifter romance steeped in shocking secrets.

Determined to travel back in time to medieval Scandinavia like her sister, Jade plays nice and stops causing trouble. Or so she leads everyone to believe. In reality, she’s recalled more than she is letting on and biding her time. Plotting ways to have revenge on a Viking who’s been toying with her in dreams, whether he remembers it or not. A Norse dragon that deserves every bit of havoc she intends to unleash on him.

Set to confront the woman accusing him of playing games with women, Thorulf heads to the future. Unfortunately, as he soon learns, she told the truth. More alarming still, he might have been spending time with their alluring enemy to spite her. Now he has to make things right. That means figuring out if Jade’s his destined mate so he can harness the power of Loki’s Dagger. A task easier said than done when Jade’s feistiness turns his world upside down.

Caught in a passionate tug-of-war, Thorulf and Jade must work together to discover how much their nemesis has infiltrated their lives. How much power she has over them and the ongoing godly war threatening humanity. Will they get along to figure things out? Or is the division between them already too great? Find out as they navigate a shrouded past steeped in shocking memories in the continuation of Viking Ancestors: Forged in Fire.

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