Thorns of Desire by Eva Winners (ePUB)

thorns of desire, eva winners

Thorns of Desire (Thorns of Omertà #5) by Eva Winners – Free eBooks Download


A devil in a Brioni suit.
My unforgettable one-night stand.
And a notorious member of the Omertà empire.
I learned that last piece of information a bit too late.
I never expected to see him again. But it turns out that destiny had other plans and gave me the whole of him for several incredible hours.
Then I bolted again—for the second time in my life.
He was Manuel Marchetti.
Off-limits. Forbidden. Dangerous.
So then why was I unable to forget him?
My body and soul came alive only for him. I hoped I’d never see him again, but it wasn’t meant to be. Everywhere I went, the man was there—stealing kisses, making promises, and painting streets red.
He seemed to delight in pushing my buttons and demanding more. Much to my dismay, it seemed I was unable to resist him.
Then, a chance encounter required his protection. He swept me away to his remote Italian castle and I could feel my resolve cracking under his burning gaze and searing touch.
The harder I tried to resist, the faster my body caved.
With each passing day, I was starting to realize that by the end of it all, I’d be the one succumbing.
Either by the secrets surrounding my life or under his consuming touch.

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