Thorn by Vera Foxx (ePUB)

thorn, vera foxx

Thorn (Under the Moon: Orc #1) by Vera Foxx – eBooks Download


Eloise lived a life of luxury. Born into a family of wealth, she went to the best schools, and had the best education and friends. She even married into the entertainment industry with a handsome husband and a beautiful wedding. Eloise played by the rules, a puppet to her parents.
It all came crashing down when she found her husband and his mistress messing up the sheets of their bed. Eloise was done, enough was enough, and that was when she decided to live her own life and to hell with pleasing everyone else.
A new adventure—just for her.
She just didn’t know how much of an adventure she was going to get.
<3 Thorn and his half brothers, leaders of the tribe, are restless after the Dark War ten years prior. No one in their tribe has found a female since the Goddess promised them and they are all starting to believe it was just a lie to get them to fight amongst the Bergarians. Thorn does his best to keep the spirits high amongst his fellow warriors, sending them off to yet another scouting effort to find their mates. This time, he stays behind to wallow in self-pity but when his trap rings and a scream from a female catches his ear; he jumps to action and not only his heart but his body reacts like it has never done before. File Details:

  • Thorn – Vera Foxx ePUB



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