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thor, lila grey

Thor (The Devil’s Highwaymen MC #6) by Lila Grey – Free eBooks Download


Cops and Robbers is about to get a whole lot spicier…

Daisy: I’m not here to find love. I’m here to do my job, then move along. But there’s one person hellbent on trying to change my mind; Thor. He’s tempting, but there’s no way we could ever work out. I’m a cop on a mission and some skeletons in my closet. He’s part of a motorcycle club that has anything but clean hands. But Thor’s dirty hands run through my mind as I imagine them running over my body. My mission here is clear yet I’m finding myself more and more confused as time goes by. And when my mission turns dangerous, there’s only one person who I can count on to help me; Thor. Can I keep our relationship professional? Or will I fall right into his arms like he’s wanted all along…
Thor: They all laugh at me, calling me soft. But I know Daisy is the one for me. My soulmate. My twin flame. My Old Lady. She may not see it now, but she will once she gives me a chance. I’ll have her in my arms and in my bed soon enough. I don’t care if she’s a cop; love is love. But when things start to get suspicious around our town, I have no choice but to doubt my own heart. My club comes first and I have to find out the truth. The deeper I dig, the closer I get to Daisy, and the more secrets spill from her pretty little pink lips. Dark skeletons are revealed, leaving us both to lean on each other. But when somebody tries to hurt her, all bets are off. Nobody messes with The Devil’s Highwaymen and lives to talk about it. Can we survive the evil that engulfs our town? Or will it rip us apart, tearing my Daisy away from me?

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