Thirty Days of Shame by Ginger Talbot (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Thirty Days of Shame by Ginger Talbot – Free eBooks Download


A dark romance with trigger warnings! Book 2 of a 3 part serial.
My captor’s rules have changed…I’m still Sergei’s prisoner. Freedom seems further away than ever. I swore I’d endure everything, and make him care for me. I accepted every cruel word, every punishing blow, until one day he looked at me with stark, naked hunger instead of hatred. Why would I want the love of a monster? Because it was the only way to survive. But now, after I betrayed him, the clock has been reset and I’m worse off then when I started, locked in a loveless prison of hopeless longing. And if I try to escape, it’s my family who will pay the price.
I’ve changed…30 days of pain have pushed me to my limits, and I’m no longer meek, bending Willow. I’m not going to live like this forever; I’m finding the strength to fight back in my own way. But nobody’s ever won a war against Sergei. Just when I’m ready to make my move, he tells me truths so devastating that he drains the strength from my body and I’m no longer fighting to escape. I’m fighting to survive.

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