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thirsty boy, mae harden

Thirsty Boy (The Boys of Summer) by Mae Harden – Free eBooks Download


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t land a man in this town to save my life. As the resident Try-It Girl for an online magazine, I’m more than used to weird assignments. Stupid beauty fads, trendy workouts, and miracle products that no one expects to work? All fine. The latest assignment my editor handed down? That was a hard pass for me, but she wouldn’t back down and now I’m stuck in Sugar Creek, Maine, trying to get someone to hit on me.
You know, for science.
Getting shot down by every man I come across wouldn’t even be that bad if it wasn’t for the sexy bartender who’s been watching me, his icy blue eyes scrutinizing me as I fail, time after time.

Rule number one: never sleep with a bar bunny. That is, after all, how I met my ex; the she-devil who slept her way through half the town, broke my heart, and followed the money to greener pastures. I learned my lesson the hard way and I don’t need a refresher course. At least, I thought I didn’t, but that was before Phoebe Bennet walked into my bar.
Baffling, adorable, and clearly on a mission, she’s everything I should avoid, wrapped up in a curvy little package I can’t resist. In a moment of weakness, I let her get under my skin and now I’m not sure I can bear to shake her loose.

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