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Thirst Trap (Men of the C-Suite) by Willow Sanders – Free eBooks Download


Lachlan Devereaux had exactly two hundred and eighteen days remaining to hit the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. With a new product line ready to launch and her steering the marketing team, she was certain this was the success she needed to receive the venerated recognition. What she hadn’t expected is what happened in Vegas not to stay in Vegas. Enter Beckett Murray—stage left.
Beckett Murray just wanted to be taken seriously for once. His bad-boy days were behind him, and he wanted everyone—including the Olympic swimming team—to realize he had grown up and wasn’t still that punk kid anymore. He bought an organic beverage company to prove to everyone he was solid, in pursuit of adult goals, and not the partying playboy they all thought he was. Until he came face to face with his Las Vegas one-night stand. He couldn’t afford a scandal right now—but he hadn’t stopped thinking about that amazing night five months ago.
When old friends become adversaries, and the company’s success is put in jeopardy, their thirst for each other could just be their recipe for success.

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