Third Time’s the Charm by Samantha Baca (ePUB)

third time's charm, samantha baca

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What’s tall, handsome, with a devilish smile and piercing blue eyes?
My best friend’s older brother that was completely off-limits.
It wouldn’t be such a problem to avoid Jack (and the butterflies he causes to swarm in my belly), except that he was constantly in my space. Or maybe I was in his? It was hard to tell since I was now working for his family.
Either way, we were both adults and knew how to resist temptation.
Or at least I thought we did.
When my apartment got broken into, I found myself with nowhere to go, so Jack offered his spare room. I should have said no, but I had no other options.
You would think that with him being a firefighter, he would know how to put fires out— not start them.
It was a temporary situation, but my resolve has never been great, especially when tested by someone as good-looking and smooth as he was.

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