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Thin Walls by Cassandra Lawson – Free eBooks Download


I’ve always considered myself a strong and capable woman. At least, that’s how I felt before the shooting. After that, I turned into a bit of a shut-in. I’m not going to lie and blame the whole situation on my physical recovery. I also needed time to deal with all the emotional stuff that comes from nearly dying. Now, I, Mercedes Whitier, am ready to take on the world again!
Thanks to the thin walls in my condo, I know exactly where to start—with my irritating neighbor. The last thing I want on Sunday morning is to listen to a screaming woman, so I march over to my neighbor’s place to complain about his guest. When my neighbor answers his door in nothing but his boxers, my life takes a very interesting turn—one involving a hot British guy, his crazy ex-girlfriend, a new job, and some lunatic determined to make me forget I’m strong and confident.
It’s nothing I can’t handle, right? Yeah, even I’m worried this situation might be too much for me.

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