They Call Him Sire by V.A. Vikolia (ePUB)

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They Call Him Sire by V.A. Vikolia – Free eBooks Download


He’s pretty. With a bad agenda and a carnal mouth.

It was a no-brainer to accept the personal assistant position as a means to rebuild my life.
Now I’m regretting my decision.
My new boss, the scandalous and sexy Josiah Reed, wants me gone. I don’t fit in here, and he’s made that abundantly clear. Everyone swims in Gucci and looks like they belong on the cover of Vogue. Just like him. But me? I drown in donation bin clothing.
Built like a god and with a c*ck like a bull’s, Josiah is a work of art—one that satisfies wild fantasies for a living. He’s fake like his orgasms, with lips just as inflated as his ego.
To his “frumpy” PA, he’s mean. Cruel. But I can’t let that stop me.
I’m determined. Focused. Desperate.
He wants to break me, but he’s wasting his time…
I’m already a woman in pieces.
But with this forced proximity, things begin to change. The way he looks at me when others aren’t watching. The layers he tries to peel away when we’re alone.
They’ve been put in place for a reason.
Sometimes a beautiful lie is better than the ugly truth.

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