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Theta (Cyborg Cowboys of Carbon County #4) by Elsa Jade – Free eBooks Download


The cyborg cowboys of Carbon County thought they’d won the day…

The Theta shroud designation was always meant to be an outsider—a spy and saboteur lurking on the fringes of the elite cyborg soldiers. So even as he built a personality out of the dust of Diamond Valley, Montana, Troy Lehigh stayed apart from his brothers while they lived and loved. A Theta could never hope for such a bond.

His only desire, from the first moment he stole his consciousness from the soulless programming that controlled him, was to destroy the consortium that doomed him to solitude. He would’ve done it too, except his brothers chose love over war and trapped him in their midst.

But then, a hundred and fifty years ago, he met a sassy soiled dove in a Montana saloon…

Nell Dearly had wandered too far from home and was struggling to survive. But the long-lost farm girl has no idea just how far out she’ll go…

The cyborg cowboys of Carbon County have fought for each other, for love, and for Earth itself. But the shroud consortium they escaped never stopped seeking them. Now every star they see from Big Sky Country is in danger, and only a lonely Theta and the saloon girl he kissed once upon a time might save us.

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