There Goes the Groom by Esther Hatch (ePUB)

there goes groom, esther hatch

There Goes the Groom (Romance of Rank #1.5) by Esther Hatch – Free eBooks Download


Matthew Harrison has only one task in life: to marry money. After failing miserably in London, his family takes matters into their own hands by arranging his marriage to Lucy Bateman. But when he meets Lucy for the first time, she looks to be nothing more than a child so he runs away.
Lucy didn’t like the idea of an arranged marriage, but she agreed in order to save her sister from suffering the same fate. However, when she played a trick on her groom-to-be by sending her younger sister to meet him in her place, he fled without a word. Now, three years later, Lucy stumbles upon him working as a cart driver. Fate has given her a second chance and this time there will be no tricks… other than pretending to be someone else entirely in order to convince him to come home and marry her.

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