The Wronged Omega by Sullyn Shaw (ePUB)

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The Wronged Omega by Sullyn Shaw – Free eBooks Download


Our future was as bright, all thanks to the Omega who had been wronged in so many ways.
Meddling, it’s a vice of mine, one I never gave up even with the curse looming over me every step of the way. When someone was in need, I stepped in, forgetting the damage I could cause, and this time, saving Ellie, well, it wasn’t like the others.
I found myself in the grasp of the Primarchy, living with two Alphas and their little sister, thinking ‘here we go again’. I quickly learned how wrong I was, but this was how my life went, rolling from one bit of chaos to the next.
However, with Odie and Cy by my side, showing me everything I had been missing, I fell deeper, finding out I wasn’t who I thought I was. Then, to top it off, to keep this life, the new one I now clung to, I’d have to accept that everything I knew had been a lie.
Will Mine avenge those who she had lost, forging her own path, or will she fall to the pressure of the Primarchy, losing more than she ever thought possible?

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