The Wrong Twin Dilemma by Hayden Hall (ePUB)

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The Wrong Twin Dilemma (Frat Brats of Santa Barbara #3) by Hayden Hall – Free eBooks Download


He’s as off-limits as a guy can be. So why do I want no one but him?

Of all the guys in the world, I just had to fall hopelessly and irreparably in love with my twin sister’s boyfriend. No amount of parties with happy endings can put him out of my mind.
Gabriel is also a dork, but he’s a hot as all hell dork. Somehow, he’s both a nerd and a jock and he pushes all my buttons. But he’s straight. He shouldn’t attract me the way he does. And did I mention they’ve been dating for two years? Yeah… They’re all but married.
I’m officially the worst brother – and human, let’s not pretend – in the history of ever.
And when my genius of a sister comes up with a bulletproof plan to help me pass my exams by convincing Gabriel to tutor me, I discover that my big, beautiful dork hides a secret even more ruinous than my own. The way he looks at me when we’re alone is almost all I’ve ever dreamed of.
But how many hearts will shatter if I take what I want? Is it not better that I let my love die quietly?
I hate wanting him.

I’m a hot mess and he’s off limits. We are a disaster in the making.
I can’t say no to tutoring London. It would look like I’m hiding something, which I’m totally not. But if I were hiding something, it would not be easy to keep it hidden once the lessons begin and we’re alone.
He crawls under my skin before I know it. He fills my mind with his rosy lips, high cheekbones, and sculped muscles. His male muscles, which I totally don’t like. Except, when I’m alone, letting him into my thoughts is a comfort I desperately need.
The more I’m with him, the more I see I might be dating the wrong twin. But there’s no easy way out of it. There’s no happy ending for anyone here. Unless…
Unless I do what I fear the most and own up to the truth: London is all I ever wanted.

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