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The Woodworker by Samantha Westlake – Free eBooks Download


Eileen Davies had everything she ever wanted – the high-powered job, the executive perks, and even a decent shot at landing the CEO title before hitting menopause. She’d worked hard, put in her hours, and smashed her way through the glass ceiling… until suddenly, it all cracks apart.
Layoffs, severance – and now, Eileen’s stuck at home with nothing to do but replay, over and over, her fall from the corporate heights. She can launch any business. She just needs someone to make into her newest full-time project.
Enter from stage right, Rick Morgan.
Early on, Rick figured out that Life didn’t fight fair. Stand up? You’re just asking to get knocked back down. Much easier to lay low, relax, let Life carry you along in its lazy river current.
So when some uppity corporate bitch starts taking over his comfortable little woodworking business, Rick decides to sit back and watch her burn herself out. She’ll get her comeuppance, and he’ll just watch and laugh.
Clashing personalities. When cool reasoning meets hotheaded passion, sparks fly – and the result is either a disaster, or a work of art.

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