The Wolf’s Fake Mate by Layla Silver (ePUB)

wolf's fake mate, layla silver

The Wolf’s Fake Mate (Werewolf Mountain Resort #4) by Layla Silver – Free eBooks Download


She needs a fake fiancée.
I need her.
I’m a renowned chef. I can make any dish you like. But lately, I’ve been wanting to taste only one dish myself.
A dish of pine trees and something wild. A dish that consists of her and her alone.
I’m her boss and will teach her anything she needs to know. She’s talented but we both know she has a lot to learn.
I look forward to the day she stops feeling like my subordinate. To the day she lets herself feel the forbidden pull between us.
She needs a fake fiancée with benefits, and I’ll play the game.
I’ll protect her from the filthy predators that want to touch her. I’ll convince her that my qualities are not confined to the bedroom. I’ll shatter her broken world and make her see who she really is.
My mate.

Vacationing at a mountain resort is a lot of hard work. Fortunately, we’ve called some very hot shifters to help. They’ll flex those bulging muscles only for you, so that you can enjoy a day in the wild outdoors without having to worry about the beasts in the shadows. And afterward, they’ll run a bath for you and massage your sore muscles…

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