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Every Wolf Moon, humans are selected from each village to be sacrificed to the werewolves; creatures worshipped by humans as godlike figures. In a twist of fate, seventeen year old Mila Young is selected to be the annual sacrifice for the Trinity pack, the most powerful pack ruled by King Alpha Roman Stone. Alpha Roman and all werewolves under his rule are cursed. His hatred for the humans and his war on the deity Moon Goddesses has caused his kind to lose the favor of their blessings. However, when Mila reveals herself to have a connection to the werewolves unlike anything a human has ever had before, it becomes apparent that she may be the key to ending the suffering of Roman and his wolves… if only he can overcome the lifelong hatred that clouds his mind and darkens his heart. Excerpt: “You smell like wolf,” The King Alpha declared, his voice low and angry. “I killed one,” I both explained the smell and threatened at the same time. “And you think you can kill me? You think you can take my pack?” I glanced around at all the lycans still in their wolf forms, bowing obediently towards me. Could I take all of them on? I doubted it. I didn’t even think I’d get this far. I didn’t even know what was going on. When I turned back to the King Alpha, he was significantly closer. “Stay back!” I cried out in fear. The power flared within me once more, lifting whimpers from around me. The King Alpha hesitated again, his eyes skating over me with confusion. He took a deep breath, sniffing the air around me as he hadn’t yet gotten any closer. “You smell like… my mate.”

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