The Wicked Side by Ash Coley (ePUB)

wicked side, ash coley

The Wicked Side (The Dark Side #2) by Ash Coley – Free eBooks Download


He’s my best friend’s little brother…
I protected him for years – kept him safe from his parents and took care of him when his older brother couldn’t.
I’ll do anything in the world for him just to make him happy.
But I keep my distance, too, because being in love with my best friend’s little brother is scary enough. Knowing he’s straight just makes the pain worse.
Then, Solomon comes out to us. He announces he’s gay. On top of that, he announces that he’s going on to a party with a guy we don’t know, that we haven’t vetted. We only have Solomon’s word that he can be trusted. Letting him go without protection makes my skin crawl and itch.
Which is how I end up at a college frat party and how I end up interrupting Solomon and his date in one of the rooms.
That night changes everything for us in both the best and absolute worst ways.
Because my reckless decision that night brings horror to my boy’s life, and I’m not sure if I’m going to be enough to protect him.

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