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whisperer, renee williams

The Whisperer (Russian Nights #1) by Renee Williams – Free eBooks Download


Bad Guys. I couldn’t explain the allure. Maybe, it was the way they walked. They stepped into a room, and everybody felt their presence. Hell, it could have been the way they knew how to handle my body. They knew which strings to pluck to make me come undone. Or, it could have been the way they whispered to me. They knew what to say and how to say it. Whatever it was, they had a hold on me.
It took me years of mental and physical abuse to realize that I needed to reform. I needed to realize that just because they were good to my body didn’t mean they were good for my body. Fast forward a few years, I was a changed woman. I had sworn off bad men until my ex, Roshaun, pushed my hand. That was the thing about bad men. They refused to let you go until they were ready. I was ready. He wasn’t a believer, so I needed a man to make him understand.
They say the best way to get rid of one bad man was to find a badder man. I found mine. Sasha, head of the Valliev family, knew just the right words to whisper to Roshaun to make him disappear. Permanently.

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