The Weekend Deal by Jaqueline Snowe (ePUB)

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The Weekend Deal by Jaqueline Snowe – Free eBooks Download


Daniella Donovan and Cooper Swanson agree on one thing alone: they would do anything for Sam—Dani’s brother and Cooper’s best friend. That’s how they ended up stuck on a cruise in the same cabin together for an entire weekend, even though their hatred knows no bounds. They don’t want to disappoint Sam, so they pretend to not hate each other for three days. It couldn’t be that hard…

Dani might despise Cooper’s cocky attitude and his ability to charm the pants off anyone, but she’s always had a secret crush on her brother’s best friend. Once they’re sharing a room, long looks, subtle touches, and a dare with tequila turn their pent up annoyance into something far hotter…and far more dangerous.

Clothes start to fly, and when they slip between the sheets, their chemistry is explosive. However, not only is Coop a womanizer, but Sam would be furious. Anything more than a weekend is too much of a risk. Except, when he opens up while they spend time together, Dani can’t help but fall deeper, even if it’ll hurt that much more when it all ends.

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