The Wedding Hunt Brittany by Viola Grace (ePUB)

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The Wedding Hunt Brittany (Blind Date Corporation #7) by Viola Grace – Free eBooks Download


The wedding was lovely. Brit wasn’t going, but when her sister’s time at the reception gets uncomfortable, nothing could stop her from lending a hand by becoming bait.

Brit got a call from her sister and headed off to the wedding on Daycross Island. She just had to pull a tracking device out of her foot before going.
Being the only current multi-morph on record makes her very popular with law enforcement and espionage agencies. She doesn’t want to play with either.
She finds her sister, understands what’s needed, and coordinates with one of Ylara’s associates to distract the three alphas stalking her sister due to her state of heat.
Brit changes to her sister’s form and makes a run through the woods, but an unearthly howl follows her, and she is soon up a tree with nowhere to go.
Denier knows that the scent is wrong for his original target, but he can’t resist running prey. The scent is what he has been looking for, and he sets out to catch it.

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