The Warmth of Her Affection by Elsie Fulbrook (ePUB)

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The Warmth of Her Affection by Elsie Fulbrook – Free eBooks Download


I did not come to Hertfordshire in search of a wife, but if you could entrust me with your heart…I have found one.

THE ARRIVAL IN MERYTON of a young widow and her children leads to new friendships for Elizabeth and Jane Bennet in the spring of 1815, but they receive few answers to their questions about her previous life. The mystery only deepens when Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy take up residence at Netherfield Park and Elizabeth suspects one or both of the men have a connexion to the lady at Purvis Lodge—a connexion that hints at disgrace and dishonour.

ELIZABETH’S LIVELINESS AND COMPASSION draw out the quiet Mrs Wilson and the solemn Mr Darcy, but as her affection for them builds—and grows into true regard for Mr Darcy— a shocking encounter confirms all of her suspicions and fears. Can Elizabeth overcome her broken trust in her friends, or will shame and scandal destroy the nascent love between her and Mr Darcy?

A THREAT TO THE vulnerable widow’s safety tests the bonds of love and friendship for all concerned and proves the courage and consequence of one lady’s warmth and affection.

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