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very merry omega, jacey davis

The Very Merry Omega by Jacey Davis – Free eBooks Download


The Very Merry Omega was originally featured in the Knotty or Nice Omegaverse Anthology. An epilogue has been added and some minor editing changes, but no other additional content has been added.

Zachary: I wasn’t one for big crowds, or any social situation really. That’s one of the reasons why I was an editor who mostly worked from home. Books were so much easier than people. But, after years of managing to avoid the company Christmas party, my boss gave me an ultimatum, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid it this time.
I may have been dreading it, but once I saw Alexander, the hot marketing manager I’ve been lusting over for years, it suddenly didn’t seem like such a bad thing after all.

Alexander: I wasn’t one for parties. Or Christmas. Or people in general. I was a good manager, and excellent at my marketing job, so why did the powers that be expected me to socialize too? I tried, I really did, but it seemed like this year I was unable to avoid the company Christmas party.
I was suddenly thanking my stars for my pushy bosses when I finally met one of the cute editors, Zachary. The connection is instant, and I can’t keep my hands off of him.
But we’re both going back to our hometowns for the holidays. Will a hot office encounter be enough to maintain our brand-new connection until we can see each other again? It would be if fate had anything to do with it.

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