The Vampire by Veronica Dean (ePUB)

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The Vampire (Fated Mates of the Old World #3) by Veronica Dean – Free eBooks Download


I thought this was the beginning of a life of luxury, now I’m just wondering how I will survive the night.
My whole life I have been training to be a princess. Now the day of my ascension is finally here, and I am about to meet my prince for the first time. All I know is that Azriel Vastarien is one of the fiercest warriors in all of Vaterra. I expected him to greet me with open arms, as excited to meet me as I am him. Instead, I am met with contempt and aggression.
None of this is what I expected. I feel like a lamb surrounded by a wolf pack. There is something wrong with these people, with this castle. The pale, gaunt faces of the royals haunt my dreams; the way they leer at me and lick their lips disquiets me further. I have no one to turn to other than my brooding warrior prince.
He doesn’t say it, but I know that underneath his smoldering red gaze, he must feel something for me. Every time we touch, it’s electricity, but I can sense something dark inside him, a secret that is burning a hole in his soul. Could his distance be a way of protecting me? But if so, from what?
I’m terrified of what he might do if I give myself to him, but I’m more terrified of what will happen if I don’t.

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