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The Unicorn (Eastside #2) by Shay Mitchel – Free eBooks Download


Pete’s been on a fairly even keel for the last few years, but that’s the problem. He’s got a degree, a devoted boyfriend, and a house so big even the ferrets have their own bedroom. It’s time to put on the big girl panties and figure out what he’s going to do with his life. But despite an over abundance of support from those he’s close to, Pete’s confidence can still be undermined by whispers from his past. That is until Troy comes into his life, and Nick’s. Troy was supposed to be a distraction, but when he gives Pete something he didn’t even know he needed, some thing Nick refuses to give him, suddenly Troy is much more than just a plaything. The heart may want what it wants, but is it right for the heart to want two men in the same way, or will all that wanting just end up destroying everything?

The Golden Boy is a story of three men discovering the heart’s infinite capacity for love and the importance of family and home, however and where ever you find them.

The Unicorn is an erotic MMM romance that includes sexual encounters between characters ranging from casual hook ups to long term relationships. There is no cheating, but this is a story about ethical non-monogamy and polyamory. It also includes discipline, impact play and erotic pain, and brief references to (but not descriptions of) sexual assault and suicidal ideation in Pete’s past. This book is the second in the Eastside series and will be best appreciated if read after The Golden Boy so one can understand the complexities of Nick and Pete’s relationship.

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