The Truths We Hide by Kathy Lockheart (ePUB)

truths we hide, kathy lockheart

The Truths We Hide (Secrets Collection) by Kathy Lockheart – Free eBooks Download


Dive into this emotionally charged collection of two standalone romances filled with betrayal, deception, and the heartbreaking choice between what is right, and what the heart wants.
The Truths We Hide includes two full-length, tension-filled romances in the Secrets and the City series: Lethal Justice and Grave Deception

Lethal Justice
A hostage isn’t supposed to develop feelings for her captor-a man who’s the antithesis of everything I stand for. And my captor isn’t supposed to see me in a way no one else ever has, let alone want to protect me from the other men who plan to end my life…
Surrendering to our unexpected feelings could spell death for us both. Especially when Easton is given a direct order: Kill me, or they’ll kill him and his brother.
Soon, our lives, along with the lives of everyone we love, are in danger. And time is running out…

My new neighbor is a scorching hot police detective—one I have a massive crush on, but I never wanted to get his attention like this: as the apparent victim of an attempted murder.
After rescuing me from the icy waters of the Chicago River, Shane begins investigating the people closest to me, and to my horror, discovers several of them have a motive to want me dead.
Worse, he firmly believes they will try again.
The more time Shane spends with me trying to unravel how I plummeted from that bridge, the more protective he becomes, and the harder we fall for each other. But I can tell Shane is hiding something from me—something that has the power to destroy our happily ever after.
All I want is to solve the case so we can put this entire nightmare behind us.
But I never imagined the shocking truth about that fateful evening… or what’s about to happen to us both…

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