The True Romance Renovation by Ellie Hall (ePUB)

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The True Romance Renovation (Home Sweet Home #3) by Ellie Hall – Free eBooks Download


The Do Not Stay Inn is getting a second chance but will Camellia and Nash?

It’s bad enough I’m suddenly allergic to chocolate. I know, a travesty. But body chemistry changes with age…turns out, so does the heart.
What’s nominally worse is I spent my life savings on an old inn smack dab in the center of the quaint small town of Butterbury, Georgia. The plan was to feature it on the Christmas special of my home improvement show, however, the property turned out to be little more than a lump of coal.
I wouldn’t mind burning it to the ground, but my besties who I do the show with see potential. I’m a realtor, so usually, I have an eye for a diamond in the rough, but this one got me good.
They bring in renowned businessman Nash “the Gnasher” Crandall to help bail us out. I, Camellia Calloway, can pick myself up by my own cozy slipper straps, thank you very much. Anyway, he’s more like Nash Scrooge with the miserly way he destroys small businesses…and hearts.
Yes, we have a history. Years ago, he got me good too. It’s a shock to learn he’s a widower and has an adorable son. But that won’t convince me he’s on Santa’s nice list. No, I refuse to agree to his proposal that I pose as his fake girlfriend in order to save Christmas and the inn. As they say, fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice…
…And we end up in front of an evergreen tree, baking cookies, and then I find myself in his arms under a sprig of mistletoe.
But the question is, do I return the kiss?

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