The Trouble With Luck by Elizabeth Knight, et al (ePUB)

trouble luck, elizabeth knight

The Trouble With Luck (Some Kind of Luck) by Elizabeth Knight, et al – Free eBooks Download


Four best friends on spring break in Chicago on St. Patty’s Day… What could possibly go wrong?!Lennon, Harper, Skyler, and Bristol have been inseparable the past four years while studying at NIU. With graduation right around the corner, they plan an epic spring break getaway to make new, lasting memories that will get them through the uncertainty that lies ahead.After days of sightseeing in the city, filling their time away with laughter and fun, the day they’ve been waiting for finally arrives. St. Patrick’s Day! Settling in at an Irish dive bar where the dancing is sinful, the drinks are flowing, and there are shenanigans to be had, they have no idea that everything is about to change. Only when they each find themselves drawn to attractive, yet dangerous, men do they realize they might be in trouble – these guys could easily be their undoing.Separated from each other, thrust into a war they don’t understand, and facing unknown dangers, how will they survive? Will their bonds of friendship be strong enough to withstand the turmoil they find themselves in, or will it be the catalyst to send it all up in flames? Will the menacing men they can’t seem to stay away from be their salvation, or their damnation?

Find out in this reverse harem novella that sets the stage for the Some Kind of Luck series. This is book one of six. Books two through five will each feature one FMC and her men, culminating in the epic conclusion to the series in book 6.

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