The Tracker’s Rage by Ingrid Seymour (ePUB)

tracker's rage, ingrid seymour

The Tracker’s Rage (Mate Tracker #3) by Ingrid Seymour – Free eBooks Download


My tracking powers are changing, and I fear what I might become.

My life has turned into a Mission Impossible flick, and my tracking agency is paying the price. No matter how hard I try to stay out of the pandemonium unfolding around my city, I keep getting pulled into the thick of things. So the bills are piling up, our reputations hang in the balance, and we have no new customers. I can almost see the writing on the wall. My dream will crash and burn.
To top it all off, my tracking skills are acting up, confusing me and throwing me for a loop when I least expect it.
Despite all of this, I can’t turn away from the chaos that threatens to turn St. Louis into a Skew warzone, and I keep getting deeper and deeper into the awful scheme that the power-hungry werewolves and vampires that rule the city have concocted.
And as I become the center of their deranged plot, I know I have no other choice but to fight them. I just hope I don’t lose myself in the process.

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