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The Track (The Blackmoore Brothers #4) by Martina Dale – Free eBooks Download


First impressions can be so wrong.

People think I’m a pampered princess. My designer clothes, my lavish lifestyle and my painted-on smile. What people don’t know is that I hate it. I hate it all and I’d give anything to escape the hell I face every single damn day.
When Drew Blackmoore trots into my life, he sets something alight inside me. He’s a grumpy, foul mouthed but seriously gorgeous racehorse owner and trainer. He’s the best there is, and he knows it too. The way he swaggers around, and the way his shirts only just fit his huge shoulders, makes all the ladies swoon at his feet.

He’s also a man who isn’t afraid of my father and his associates. He’s a gorgeous man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to reach out and grab it. He loves his horses more than any other human on the planet. No one comes before his four-legged fillies, especially me. I drive him crazy. I make his blood boil and not in a fun way and he’s even more gorgeous when he’s hot under the collar. Did I say he’s gorgeous?

To say my father dislikes him is the biggest understatement ever. All because he’s an American and knows his own worth… or so I thought. The hatred runs a lot deeper than the eye first sees.
If I go against my family, I’ll lose everything I’ve ever known.
I know I’m heading for a fall; I just don’t know what will get broken first.

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