The Tinker’s Apprentice by Jordan Castillo Price (ePUB)

tinker's apprentice, jordan castillo price

The Tinker’s Apprentice by Jordan Castillo Price – Free eBooks Download


Conrad has a special talent—one for overthinking even the simplest of decisions. As a tinker’s apprentice, he should have mastered at least some magichanics by now. Unfortunately, he hasn’t even picked out his starting tool. It’s not a choice to be taken lightly, though, and Conrad is certain that all he needs is a little more time to weigh the pros and cons.
But when a new Magimart comes to town, it threatens to wipe out all the mom-and-pop magic shops in Three Corners, including the one where he works. The pressure doesn’t help. A glimpse of an intriguing young man at the auxiliar shop makes him wonder if maybe a magical mascot can help him level up—but how would he ever pick the right one?
Conrad has never considered teaming up before—but if Magimart does drive all the small shops out of business, this might be his last chance. Or maybe it’s all an excuse to flirt with the man with the secret smile.

Can Conrad settle on a magical assistant, or should he just grab a random tool and hope for the best? Either way…it’s now or never.

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