The Timeless Vigilante by Sarah Noffke (ePUB)

timeless vigilante, sarah noffke

The Timeless Vigilante (The First Beaufont #1) by Sarah Noffke, Michael Anderle – Free eBooks Download


It’s time for a Medieval dragonrider to fix the modern world.

Six-hundred years ago, Genevieve Beaufont stole a dragon egg and buried it. Now it’s time for that egg to finally hatch. It’s time for Gen Beaufont to be the rebel she always dreamed of.
Gen, a resident of 15th century England, finds herself stuck in modern day America—all because she was overly curious and followed strangers through a time travel gate.
Two things have always gotten Gen in trouble: her curiosity and defiance. But times have changed, quite literally. Those traits could save her life.
In modern times, crime is out of control. Only one person can fix it—someone who doesn’t play by the rules. Someone from the Medieval era.
Genevieve was one of the first Beaufonts—the most powerful magical family to ever exist. The Founders of the House of Fourteen. The ruling forces over the magical world.
Gen always knew that she’d inherit her father’s legacy, she just didn’t know it would happen quite like this.

Can Gen Beaufont take the reins on a magical world established by her family centuries before but now entrusted to this timeless vigilante? Or will the modern world break this Medieval warrior?

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