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The Throwaway (Shipwreck Key #3) by Stephanie Taylor – Free eBooks Download


When a woman is prized first and foremost for her looks, what does she have left to offer when the world decides those looks are fading?

Marigold Pim, once the darling of the modeling world, graced the covers of nearly every prestigious fashion magazine on the planet. Her beauty made her the epitome of glamour as a young woman—and also led her straight into the arms of Cobb Hartley, the famous-but-troubled British rockstar. They raised a son together and endured two decades of a complicated marriage, but now they’re happily divorced and living their lives on different continents.

For twenty years Cobb Hartley was Marigold’s lover, her biggest cheerleader, and her best friend, and divorcing him doesn’t mean that he’s not a part of her life anymore, because there’s still real love there—love, and friendship. So when Cobb comes to Marigold in his time of need (once again), she knows what she has to do—even if it means putting herself in second place by taking her ex-husband in for the holiday season.

But helping Cobb does come at a cost: Marigold has to share her hard-won peace by letting him stay with her on Shipwreck Key for Christmas and New Year’s, and having him there stirs up all kinds of feelings and unresolved emotions. One minute, Marigold and Cobb are laughing and remembering the good times, and the next minute she wants to toss him out on his ear because she can’t forget all the ways he let her down. Being divorced can be just as complicated as being married, and Marigold needs to figure out what her relationship with Cobb is going to look like for the rest of their lives–and fast.

There are millions of women watching as she tries to find her way through this stage of her life, but can Marigold Pim prove to the world—and to herself—that neither beauty nor love truly have expiration dates?

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