The Thrill of the Hunt by Sean Michael (ePUB)

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The Thrill of the Hunt (Valleywood #14) by Sean Michael – Free eBooks Download


Ian Tumaros, the son of fairy Queen Mab , moves to Valleywood to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. He’s paid his dues on stage and taking classes, and now wants his shot on the big screen. His mother has given him exactly one year to make it, after which she expects him to come home and assume duties as her son.
Hunter Cernunnos, god of the hunt and fertility, owns the Tirnanog Talent Agency in Valleywood, along with his sister Brigid. They share the CEO job, applying their talents to get the most for their clients. Hunter is used to being free to follow his desires, sowing his oats and plenty of lovely flowers and other greenery as he goes.
When Ian walks into Hunter’s office, the pull is immediate, and Hunter can’t help but seduce Ian. When he realizes Ian is more than just another roll in the hay, he sets out to help Ian achieve his dream. But it’s tough to balance making Ian a star and their relationship, especially when they’re on a deadline.

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