The Thief and The Gangster by Alexa Land (ePUB)

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The Thief and The Gangster (Firsts and Forever #7) by Alexa Land – Free eBooks Download


It started as the hottest hook-up of my life. Jack was gorgeous, and the spark between us was intense. But the night ended with me chasing him through the streets of San Francisco half-naked, after he stole my late father’s watch. Awesome.
Days later, I finally tracked him down, just as I got the news that all hell was breaking loose back home in Las Vegas. Now I have to bring Jack along while I deal with the mobster who’s targeting my family—as if a road trip with that little thief is even sort of a good idea. But what choice do I have? If I let him out of my sight, he and my most prized possession will disappear forever.
I can’t deny it, I’m still drawn to Jack—but how can I trust him?

I like to think of myself as a modern-day Robin Hood. I rob from the rich and give to—well, to me. I’m poor, so that counts. Not that I’d planned to rip off Adriano Dombruso when he picked me up in a bar, but that vintage Rolex was just too tempting to pass up.
It sucked when he managed to track me down. Then, before we could retrieve his watch, an urgent call from home set him in motion. Now I suddenly find myself in Vegas. The bad guys are closing in, and the smart choice would be to escape and save myself—after all, self-preservation is what I’m best at. Somehow though, I hate the thought of leaving Adriano to deal with this on his own.
Am I actually falling for that big, burly gangster?

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