The Sweetheart of Summer Street by Brooke St. James (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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The Sweetheart of Summer Street (The Family Stone #4) by Brooke St. James – Free eBooks Download


Josh Cassidy found himself on a plane headed back to Boston. He had grown up nearby and had a lot of friends there, but his trip wasn’t for pleasure. It was purely for business, and it was just about the weirdest business trip in the history of all business trips. He had one thing on his mind, and that was getting the money he needed to invest in the newest location of Patterson Place Hotels. The fact that the source of his funds might be a little odd (or perhaps even dangerous) didn’t matter to him at all.
As strange as Josh’s itinerary might have been, one thing that was not on it was running into his childhood friend, Mattie Pruitt. When he first spotted her, he realized she was no longer the freckle faced girl he had grown up with. She had turned into a woman since they had last seen one another—a beautiful woman. But Josh should have been focused on the task at hand. He should have had only one thing on his mind. That was easier said than done once Mattie entered the picture.

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