The Stripe Zone by Milly Taiden (ePUB)

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The Stripe Zone (Paranormal Dating Agency #52) by Milly Taiden – Free eBooks Download


Being a loner came naturally to Rev. After all, tiger shifters are rare and tend to lead secretive lives. Finding a mate in that situation was pretty much impossible. So, living a quiet life alone in the wilderness of Bayou Rouge was never much of a problem. But his tiger streak had a lousy tradition of arranged matings. No human mates allowed.
Hallie had devoted her life to science. Being absorbed in her work never left much time for romance. Plus, her obsession revolved around big cats, not men. When a friend sets her up with a matchmaker, Gerri Wilder, it fires off a chain of events filled with love, romance, adventure, danger, and the closest encounter with the wild cat of her dreams.
Unfortunately, her stubbornness get her into trouble that only the strongest, more fearless creature can rescue her from. Rev has a choice: save his human mate and be rejected by his streak or live the rest of his life alone.

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