The Stolen Husband by Loretta Lost (ePUB)

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The Stolen Husband (Marriage Mistake Thrillers #2) by Loretta Lost – Free eBooks Download


My husband was stolen. While I was in a coma.

But I’m okay, I swear. Am I a little salty? Sure.
Have I fantasized about revenge? Absolutely. Made plans to get him back? Naturally. Have I stabbed a voodoo doll while crying my eyes out? Just a little bit.
But I am a strong, independent badass, and I am choosing to let go and move on. I got attached to my new guy a little too fast to soothe my wounds, but Lukas is amazing. Younger, hotter, obsessed with the gym, and his body shows it. He’s all I need to forget about my stupid ex-husband.
But when I start getting cryptic messages on social media to stay away from him… and creepy letters shoved under my front door? Cars following me late at night? I am starting to regret diving in so fast…
I may have bitten off more than I can chew. But I would rather be the predator than the prey…

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