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The Starman Strategy by Louise Collins – Free eBooks Download


Newton Briggs.
Asexual, old women magnet, and convicted killer.

The youngest Briggs brother has been sent to prison over the ‘accidental’ death of Jeffery Sharpe. He doesn’t feel guilty for his crime. He did it for his brothers. All of them.
But he is scared.
Newt’s strategy to survive prison: Be himself.
He quickly learns that might not be enough.
The top dog, Shaw, wants him dead.
Thomas, a previous patient of Stone’s, wants to spank him.
And Leo…well, Leo just wants to keep him safe.
Unbeknownst to Newt, Stone planned ahead and hired him a bodyguard behind bars.
Sure, it’s the same guy that almost choked Newt to death in the back of the bakery, but after Newt quite publicly throws up on him in front of the whole wing, Leo considers them even.
With Leo at his side, Newt integrates himself into E-wing and accepts his place in prison.

Newt did not expect to make friends who feel more like family.
He didn’t expect to grow strong feelings for his bodyguard/cellmate to the point he wants to kiss him.
And he definitely didn’t expect to be serenaded in the shower by a man tattooed head to toe as a snake.
Being behind bars is not at all what Newt imagined, but one thing is for sure, life won’t be the same when it’s all over…

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