The Spiritus Dagger by Allie Rose (ePUB)

spiritus dagger, allie rose

The Spiritus Dagger (The Edge of Magic #1) by Allie Rose – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes it’s not just magic. It’s destiny.

Ever since she was little, Maise has known about the battle between light and dark. The light mages of Nualia and the dark mages of Darkmoor have fought for millennia, but Maise
has never fully understood why.
When the man she believes to be her father is gravely injured in an attack, he reveals why he spent so much time training her to fight; she is the prophesied savior of Nualia. In
order to fulfill the prophecy, Maise needs to find the Spiritus Dagger; one of five powerful weapons the light mages can use to defeat the dark.
With the help of her adoptive sister Raina, Maise sets off to find her dagger. She has no ideawhat awaits her, but when she meets a mysterious stranger, she is drawn to him in a way
she can’t understand.

Is he destined to help her on her quest? Or is he just someone to help pass the time as shediscovers who she really is; who she is destined to be?

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